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Reported on Jun 19 at 3 PM

Received a local call in Ohio and was told to call back at 866-656-7271. Said his name was Jeff Fordum calling about a legal notice for no one I knew and would be out between 12/2:00 if I didn't call back. Mumbled the name of an atorney that I couldn't understand.
Reported on Jun 8 at 4 PM

This number is a scammer. Wants you to get an iTunes card or prepaid card and call them back. They say they are contractors of Walmart, Apple, and also Metro PCS and probably any other name you give them.
Reported on Jun 8 at 4 PM

This person says that they represent: Apple, Walmart, and Metro PCS. They ask you to go get an iTunes card or prepaid credit card and call back and they are contracted by all these companies. Please beware.
Reported on Jun 8 at 2 PM

Fake warning that reads Your Capital One Mastercard has been temporarily suspended
Reported on Jun 7 at 4 PM

Wants to speak to a specific person, very vague and says it's a legal matter. Says they are with the Gooding Group.
Reported on Jun 5 at 10 AM

Calls and hangs up
Reported on Jun 2 at 4 PM

Scammers say they are the IRS
Reported on Jun 1 at 7 PM

Keeps calling. Never a message
Reported on Jun 1 at 10 AM

9172974766 this started as a robocall which asked you to press 1 if you wanted to speak about debt collection. I pressed 1 and asked the rep to remove my number from the call list, but instead, he kept asking me if I had credit card debt. I repeated over and over to remove my number and he said I was being "difficult" because he was just trying to help me. I asked again to remove my phone from the call list and he just hung up on me.
Reported on May 31 at 12 PM

spammers stop call every 5 minutes!
Reported on May 31 at 12 PM

Calling over and over. Trying to get personal information, when you do not give to them, and do NOT, and you ask who they are and why they are calling, they hang up!!
Please report this number....
Reported on May 15 at 12 PM

819-237-9546 SCAM someone saying their BELL and wanting you to transfer funds thru interact via the internet. THEY JUST WANT YOU MONEY....nothing else.
Reported on May 12 at 11 AM

IRS Scam
Reported on May 9 at 4 PM

These guys act like they are with the electric company
When I told them they were scammers
The cussed me out
Reported on May 8 at 3 PM

Call saying my Mariott confirmation number was drawn to win a free vacation. In reality, it was a call selling time shares