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Reported on Oct 3 at 5 PM

Person needed plumbing work but claimed they were getting lung cancer treatment. Kept texted and said they couldn't call. Fair enough but couldn't provide me with ANY info as I ran a business I need info. No address etc. Basically was fishing for info. One of those "let me deposit $ in your account" scams..
Reported on May 8 at 3 PM

Call saying my Mariott confirmation number was drawn to win a free vacation. In reality, it was a call selling time shares
Reported on Nov 18 at 12 AM

Criminal behavior from this caller. Caller harassed me throughout the night for days, also emailed me, with the (Obvious) ILLEGAL SCAMS-one claimed she was a "Reverend Ruth" and I'd won a lottery; yet had to pay thousands of dollars to claim prize. Other time impersonated an IRS agent and threatened that I'd be arrested if I didn't pay money.
Reported on May 1 at 10 AM

This Number keeps faxing a land line
Reported on Apr 27 at 5 PM

they keep faxing
Reported on Apr 3 at 1 PM

no caller ID. States he is with Microsoft. gave me his number because I said I
was busy and would call him back.

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