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Reported on Jun 8 at 4 PM

This number is a scammer. Wants you to get an iTunes card or prepaid card and call them back. They say they are contractors of Walmart, Apple, and also Metro PCS and probably any other name you give them.
Reported on Jun 8 at 4 PM

This person says that they represent: Apple, Walmart, and Metro PCS. They ask you to go get an iTunes card or prepaid credit card and call back and they are contracted by all these companies. Please beware.
Reported on May 31 at 12 PM

Calling over and over. Trying to get personal information, when you do not give to them, and do NOT, and you ask who they are and why they are calling, they hang up!!
Please report this number....
Reported on Mar 28 at 4 PM

Scam using DirecTV caller ID.
Reported on Jan 25 at 11 AM

called cell no message
Reported on Jan 11 at 9 AM

Reported on Oct 10 at 8 PM

this is a survey company.... calls to ask about your level of satisfaction with whatever company (in my case it was about a local auto-body shop where we had recently had our car fixed after an accident)....
not sure if this survey co. calls just for insurance industry related things, or for all types of companies large and small...... but one thing I can tell you is they WILL NOT STOP CALLING.... they called about a dozen times over the course of a few days....
when I finally did answer one of the calls, I told them I wasn't interested in participating in their survey..... next day, they just called again, first my cell phone, and when i didn't answer, they called my home phone about 2 seconds later..... told them DO NOT CALL AGAIN... we'll see if they try again tomorrow
Reported on Sep 26 at 12 PM

I was on a women's website and a big banner came across my screen saying my computer had been infected by a trojan virus and to call this number immediately. Of course I did not do it because I do not want them to have my phone number. It claims to be microsoft but I am positive it is not.
Reported on Sep 21 at 3 PM

Nothing but a common scam. Said they got my number from the govt "do not call" list!
Reported on Sep 21 at 3 PM

Nothing but a common scam. Said they got my number from the govt "do not call" list!
Reported on Aug 22 at 3 PM

Called and said they are with Com Ed billing. Our payments were received and that all the payments went to their refund department. I need to send them 998.00 cash today via CVS and if I don't, we will have our electricity shut off in 3 hours. I ALMOST got scammed. Please beware. Shame on me though.
Reported on Aug 4 at 12 PM

I suspect I was scammed
Reported on Aug 3 at 4 PM

Is this a hack or spam call?
Reported on Aug 3 at 4 PM

Is this Spam
Reported on Aug 3 at 3 PM

Number in a pop up window saying your computer has a virus and your info is being stolen right now! Call within the next 5 minutes! Curious though, I called and an Indian man answered saying 'tech support'. I feigned urgency. He wanted my passwords and remote access to 'remove the virus and spyware'. Like hell I was. So I calmly asked if anyone falls for this crap and he promptly hung up.
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