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Reported on Oct 17 at 4 PM

Phone# 857-972-9277.
Caller from "paralegal department" at "Medical Healthcare Center", a "welfare company" in Boston, claiming that I, or someone in my family had had surgery for blood clots, with an implanted filter device, and were therefor eligible for compensation. Said source of their information was "online survey" possibly including pharmacy or family members.

Several calls, with one caller giving one name early on, then something completely different later. I asked about the other name, he said I must have misheard, then that he was talking to a colleague. "Supervisor" came on after a while to hurry up the call; gave slightly different company name, still refused to give actual contact information.
Reported on Jan 25 at 8 PM

I usually ignore these calls, but today I answered -- and it was a taped message regarding a cruise. The other day I called the # and was told that my # wasn't in their database...but the calls have continued from the above number and 857-972-9539.
Reported on Jul 8 at 5 PM

Stop calling. Call every day, even though no one ever answer their call for months

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