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Reported on Jul 29 at 1 PM

This person will take your phone number and text saying she/he is Sylvie Leuthold from the CSS Corp Pvt. Ltd. and they get the information off the job offering websites. She got mine from Ziprecruiter. They state that your resume was reviewed and approved and says then when you get this let me know and then we can proceed to the next step of the interview process. Then they say that the HR Dept. selected you for an online interview with the Hiring Mgr. Mr. James Loughlin. and tell you to download the Hangouts App. Then they state do that now and then let me know when you are done. Then when you do they do not reply. So I think I have been hacked and they now have information on me they have no business having. BE AWARE OF THIS PERSON.
Reported on Jul 17 at 1 PM

The person at this number claims to be Sylvie Leuthold from CSS Corp Pvt. Ltd. and they are responding to a private position via to scam unsuspecting job seekers. She will text you and say she's contacting you in regards to the ___ (in my case, an Executive Assistant) job that I applied to. She will respond that the generic HR Department of the Company (red flag: no company name) reviewed your resume and you've been selected for an online interview with the Hire Manager. Though a name was provided with a gmail address, it is clear that it was stolen, which is why they want your gmail address under the guise of conversing with you via Hangouts App. They claim to be an international company that is hiring for multiple positions and offer you an opportunity to telecommute from home for $20/hr. after completing a training program for $18/hr. FRAUD, SCAM, SCUM!!
Reported on Nov 17 at 9 AM

who is this?  702-624-9693  

why are they calling?

they should stop calling!
Reported on Apr 27 at 6 PM

Spam call or fake call on credit card
Reported on Apr 3 at 12 PM

says that they are a law office and work for the united states credit bureau or USC and that I have a civil lawsuit against me and that they are sending someone out to arrest me but they have no information to give me on alleged debt, date of alleged debt or who is filing the suit. Told them to call my attorney and he refused and he refused to give me his name. Foreign accent both male and female and on my phone call I can hear someone in the back ground yelling at someone that they were on the phone with. I am sick of these people calling me.

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