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Reported on Jul 1 at 4 PM

I had the same thing happened to me asking if I wanted to trade. I screen shotted the message and I am reporting it
Reported on Nov 16 at 9 PM

What happened with this I had the same thing happen. I didn't use the link though. I screensgotted my report and sent it cause it seemed sketchy. Now I'm worried
Reported on Nov 16 at 8 PM

I also got this from 602 497 2815
Reported on Nov 8 at 10 PM

Posted a car listing on craigslist, and this spammer started texting me. Wanted a report, I said I have one send me your email. They said great, go to this shortened url which forwards to a free car report web site that tries to obtain your name, phone number and email address.
Reported on Apr 23 at 4 PM

Stupid people!!! with too much FREE time to do extremely stupid STUFF!!!

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