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Reported on Mar 15 at 3 PM

This number called me and had all my old information from 5 years ago, stating I took out a cash advance loan and intentional closed my bank account and they were going to have a warrant against me. I have never heard of that cash advance company and when I told them they needed to send me info on it, the guy hung up on me. I called back and the next lady hung up on me. I called a third time and that lady started arguing with me, so I hung up on her. The call came in from 866-312-0905 and when I called it, it was CIB Bank, so I called the # they left for me to call which was 866-313-0905.
Reported on Jun 16 at 1 AM

Reported on Jul 6 at 12 AM

They randomly called me at 1am twice. I have no clue who it is and ignored it both times. I found it kind of creepy.
Reported on Apr 26 at 9 PM

tired of all the sales calls
Reported on Apr 4 at 1 PM

He mentioned that I needed to have my pen and paper ready. He was calling from the Clearing House. I was the 2nd price winner of 6 1/2 Million and they were coming by this afternoon. Then I mentioned that I was going to repeat my notes and that his name was Bob and that he called from Jamaica. Then I heard click, click, click and there went the dream price...

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