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Reported on Nov 7 at 12 PM

told me to call back or have my attorney call and if I don't all they can do is wish me luck as the situation unfolds. never said what the situation was.
Reported on Sep 15 at 3 PM

Claims to be IRS.
Reported on Sep 15 at 3 PM

Claims to be IRS.
Reported on May 31 at 2 PM

has called me 3 times, and did not respond to my answering(silence) I returned the call and they picked up again did not answer(silence). Called from a different number, answered, did not say anything, they returned the call on the second number and again Silence...
Reported on Apr 14 at 4 PM

This person called stating that they were from revenue canada and that a warrant had been issued for my arrest because of unpaid taxes. called our local rcmp and it turns out this is a scam. don't call the number, they will charge you per second.
Reported on Jul 27 at 1 AM

Called at 11:00 pm claiming they were Microsoft and that I had corrupted files onto my computer. They wanted to help me get those files off for me. I told them I'd call Microsoft myself and hung up.

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